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blog-default November 20, 2016

This is What Divorce Looks Like

I spent more than $400 at the grocery store last week. Not just on a weeks’ worth of food for a small-but-hungry army, but on all the other stuff you’d expect to find in the cupboards: Sugar. Flour. Oil. Foil. Press ’n Seal. Ziplock bags. Spices, from cumin to vanilla to kosher salt, and lots… More »

14671183_684506051723703_1921713703271241463_n October 19, 2016

Getting Out of Our Own Way

I don’t know when this happened, but it’s Oct. 19. Last time I checked, it was July… and, the time before that, January. Time feels like it’s moving at an unfathomable speed; weeks seem to flutter by before I’ve even had the chance to greet them. I used to think this was an illusion but… More »

14570304_680357825471859_8515244099959026723_n October 10, 2016

Your Truth Will Not Hide Forever

Whenever we’re struggling with how best to answer the call of change, I believe the key is to go deep inside in search of the answers. Because they don’t come from the outside – from our friends, bosses, or parents. No, they come when we connect with our deepest and most uncensored fears, judgments, thoughts,… More »

September 12, 2016

Listening to Our Deepest Wisdom

Last night I left home for my Third Annual Writing Retreat — a handful of late summer days and nights spent all alone in a quiet nest with the intention of making You Are Not Stuck into a book. As any writer will tell you, this journey of creation is one that’ll make you crazy if… More »

August 19, 2016

Turning Off Autopilot

Sitting down at my bedroom desk to write this morning, I realized something didn’t feel right. Something was making me uncomfortable and twitchy. Something around me. LITERALLY. It was my bra. So I unhooked that sucker and flung it across the room. It landed right here. And here is where it shall stay until such… More »

August 12, 2016

Sometimes We’re Fabulous, Sometimes We’re Not Even Close to Fine

Sad to say but undeniably true: We do not wake up each morning feeling terrific. Sure, some days we do and we are rarin’ to go and those days are FABULOUS! But other days we may start with a baseline of sadness, or fear, or brokenheartedness, or doubt, or despair. Or wishing things were different,… More »

August 11, 2016

Keep Going

For all of you out there who are curious and brave and stretching and healing and loving yourselves whole and doing the hard work of getting unstuck, I have two words: Keep. Going. Don’t lose that grit, baby. It’s the spring that feeds your willingness, your commitment, your resilience – and we bow to it.… More »

August 5, 2016

The Power of Little Choices

This afternoon I’m tubing with my kids and my sister’s family. Not the lazy tubing we do behind a pontoon boat with an egg-beater motor at our tiny little lake in Missouri… but Texas tubing, which was more like being dragged behind a wake the size and shape and intensity of a tsunami, the kind… More »

July 31, 2016

Memory Lane

Nostalgia’s on overdrive today as some mysterious force lured me down Memory Lane. This is my old Catholic grade school, up high on the bluffs of the Mississippi River, butting up to a national military barracks and cemetery. The school shut down years ago – replaced by a private academy that operates there now –… More »

June 13, 2016

A Call for Peace in a World of Hate

I was quiet yesterday about the horrible news of the nightclub massacre in Orlando because I just couldn’t quite process it. Forty-nine people dead and more than that injured. I wanted to write a message of peace and hope and love, but the words didn’t come. For 24 hours, no words at all. But, this… More »

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