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October 4, 2017

Suffocating on Inertia

Oh, Procrastination, you insolent little scourge. You aimless wench. Do you have any clue what angst you heap upon our lives? I’m feeling your force these recent weeks. You’ve got me alternately laughing gamely at myself and pulling my own hair out in boiling-over frustration. How have I let you wreck me like this —… More »

September 14, 2017

No Better Taste than Freedom

My God, I have had this feeling so many times – in my professional life, in my love life, in my spiritual life – and the enormity of the weight that can be released when we get honest with ourselves never ceases to surprise me. It’s LIFE-CHANGING, plain and simple. What I’ve learned is that… More »

September 6, 2017

Choose Yourself… Again and Again and Again

And so we are reminded of the power of knowing, being, loving and, ultimately, CHOOSING ourselves. Every day. Consciously. Intentionally. Repeatedly. And for all the right reasons. Because that one (not so) little choice is the wellspring of all the rest of the good that is waiting for us, the first falling domino that sets… More »

August 18, 2017

Defeated… or Defiant? Your Call

Anytime I feel stuck, I remember that the choice is mine: I can be resigned to staying put, or I can change the world around me. I can drop the heavy rock I’m carrying. Diligently chip away at it. Blast it away with dynamite. Erode it slowly with water. Simply pick it up and move… More »

June 28, 2017

When Anything — and Everything — Is Possible

I left my corporate job in the spring of 2013, having balled together every ounce of courage in order to take a big leap without a fully hatched Plan B in place. It was simultaneously terrifying and liberating, and I would be either a genius or an idiot, depending on how things panned out. There’s… More »

May 11, 2017

Little Things

Having a moment where my patio chair has been transformed into a throne of gratitude. What you see in this picture is what I see: pretty flowers, morning sky, cute little dog (who, by the way, is making the most adorable coos as she chews on her favorite toy, an old milk jug). But let… More »

May 3, 2017

There Is A Time For You

I remember being at a party last year, watching a friend celebrate her 40th birthday. It was in a bar, and I was just a couple tender years into sobriety, and I felt desperately out of place. I felt like I belonged to no one, and wondered if I’d ever fit in again. Fast forward… More »

blog-default November 20, 2016

This is What Divorce Looks Like

I spent more than $400 at the grocery store last week. Not just on a weeks’ worth of food for a small-but-hungry army, but on all the other stuff you’d expect to find in the cupboards: Sugar. Flour. Oil. Foil. Press ’n Seal. Ziplock bags. Spices, from cumin to vanilla to kosher salt, and lots… More »

14671183_684506051723703_1921713703271241463_n October 19, 2016

Getting Out of Our Own Way

I don’t know when this happened, but it’s Oct. 19. Last time I checked, it was July… and, the time before that, January. Time feels like it’s moving at an unfathomable speed; weeks seem to flutter by before I’ve even had the chance to greet them. I used to think this was an illusion but… More »

14570304_680357825471859_8515244099959026723_n October 10, 2016

Your Truth Will Not Hide Forever

Whenever we’re struggling with how best to answer the call of change, I believe the key is to go deep inside in search of the answers. Because they don’t come from the outside – from our friends, bosses, or parents. No, they come when we connect with our deepest and most uncensored fears, judgments, thoughts,… More »

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