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April 29, 2016

On Botox and Braces

When I was 16, I got into a fight with a petite Italian girl whose gloriously curly hair reminded me of strands of extra-long rotini. We fought over a boy, in the parking lot of the pizza joint where we both worked. She may have been small, but she packed a big punch – literally… More »

IMG_5440 April 27, 2016

You Can’t Drown Out Happiness

Laying in bed, listening to my little bird friends singing their morning songs, when a rain storm passes through. The thing I notice the most? THE BIRDS NEVER STOP SINGING. They’re getting dumped on, but they keep on singing their happy songs. Thanks for leading by example, bird friends. Proof you can’t drown out happiness. ????

April 1, 2016

How Do You Know When The Time Is Right?

Spring is in full bloom in my hometown of St. Louis – red buds, magnolias, cherry trees – each sight more lovely than the last. This is a significant time of renewal for most of us, I think – at least it has been for me for the last dozen years or so. One year I’d had my head… More »

March 30, 2016

You Can Do It — With More or Less

The next time you tell yourself that “it” can’t be done because you’re feeling too old/tired/dumb/ugly/weak/scared/fat/crazy — or any of the other silly stuff we say to ourselves — I want you to call bullshit and remember all the people who have accomplished amazing things even though they may have… …less money less time less… More »

March 29, 2016

Building Ourselves Up One Brick at a Time

Stopped for lunch at a little café where, across the street, a new building is going up. There’s a lot of hammering, and yelling, and a lot of guys in hard hats and steel-toed boots (just like that little orange dude). Sometimes we see stuff being built and think, “Wow, that happened fast!” But, remember,… More »

February 25, 2016

How Gratitude Puts Life in Perspective

Snow day in St. Louis yesterday = a practice in gratitude. I will confess that gratitude was not my first instinct upon hearing the news. No, Step One was resisting the urge to scream into my pillow. Step Two was to post something kinda snotty in a FB group for fellow moms. “A good mom would… More »

blog-default January 13, 2016

You So Got This

I was working earlier on a big project, one that’s taking me out of my comfort zone. The deadline is charging fast and I’m freaking out more than a little. Sitting at my desk, I noticed that my left leg was bouncing like one of those old-school paddle board balls on a string, only in… More »

January 7, 2016

Courage or the Comfort Zone – What’ll It Be?

I bought a computer yesterday. Brand spankin’ new, for the first time ever, because I’d always had either a work-issued model or a hand-me-down. (Also, because I’m a notorious tightwad, not to mention a Luddite.) I had a long debate with the voices in my head before deciding what to purchase: stick with a PC,… More »

blank canvas new years resolutions December 28, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions: A Blank Canvas for Your Masterpiece

It may not surprise you to know I’m someone who LOVES making New Year’s resolutions. I look forward to the process each and every year. I actually get GIDDY about it. There’s something about the inherent possibility of a blank canvas that gives me hope. I see it just waiting for us to add lines and… More »

December 18, 2015

Staying True To Your Changed Self – Even If Others Take It Personally

“YOU’VE CHANGED.” Ever heard that one before? Sometimes people notice the way you’ve shifted things in your life and they mean that as a compliment – although, just as often, they mean something different. Important people in your life may, for whatever reason, hold on to the “old” you. Perhaps they feel safer with the… More »

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