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Choose Yourself… Again and Again and Again

September 6, 2017

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And so we are reminded of the power of knowing, being, loving and, ultimately, CHOOSING ourselves. Every day. Consciously. Intentionally. Repeatedly. And for all the right reasons. Because that one (not so) little choice is the wellspring of all the rest of the good that is waiting for us, the first falling domino that sets off the series positive actions and reactions to guide our lives in the direction we want them to go.

21462620_900831346757838_6384474088386716480_nWhen we choose ourselves, our priorities crystallize. We see with greater clarity what we want – and what we do not. We march forward confidently and deliberately, instead of wandering aimlessly and waiting for someone else to save us. We are emboldened to dream, to plan, to decide, to execute. And we become the women we were intended to.

We become US – the still imperfect, sometimes irrational, even occasionally (but temporarily) filled with doubt or panic or sadness. We still have morning breath, we still have gas, we still get visits from The Period Monster. Difference is that we’ve allowed such a deep internal love to take root that none of that matters – or, at the very least, it matters far less than it used to. What matters now is that daily decision to know, to be, to love and to choose ourselves. Again… and again… and again.

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You Are Not Stuck

I’m Becky Vollmer – writer, speaker, yoga teacher, seeker. I’m also living proof that, despite feeling otherwise, we are not stuck in circumstances and patterns that neither serve nor define us. We are lucky to have choices; we just have to be brave enough to make them.

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