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No Better Taste than Freedom

September 14, 2017

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My God, I have had this feeling so many times – in my professional life, in my love life, in my spiritual life – and the enormity of the weight that can be released when we get honest with ourselves never ceases to surprise me. It’s LIFE-CHANGING, plain and simple.

What I’ve learned is that life *happens* … and not always in the ways we expect. In fact, it’s usually the opposite! If we are lucky enough to grow and change and expand and evolve, we will be forced to look squarely into the eye of a new direction, a new path.

And, from there, we have two choices: we can deny the unfolding of our life – ignore it – or we can be brave enough to accept, trust, surrender, embrace. In other words, we can fight to hang in to the old, because fear teaches us that’s the less scary thing to do – or we can understand that fear is one lying sonofabitch and decide instead to go with it.

I’ll tell you this: Every single time I have softened into the current of where the universe has been trying to guide me, I’ve won. I’ve felt that relief of no longer trying to swim upstream. I’ve learned that my fearful thoughts were just that – *fearful thoughts* – and not reality. And I’ve learned, deep down in the center of every cell of marrow of my bones, that there is no better taste to savor than freedom.


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I’m Becky Vollmer – writer, speaker, yoga teacher, seeker. I’m also living proof that, despite feeling otherwise, we are not stuck in circumstances and patterns that neither serve nor define us. We are lucky to have choices; we just have to be brave enough to make them.

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