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Your Truth Will Not Hide Forever

October 10, 2016

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Whenever we’re struggling with how best to answer the call of change, I believe the key is to go deep inside in search of the answers. Because they don’t come from the outside – from our friends, bosses, or parents. No, they come when we connect with our deepest and most uncensored fears, judgments, thoughts, desires. They come when we get quiet and low. When we are not married to the outcome, but to the pursuit of our own peace.

For me, clarity always bubbles up from that spot as I work through questions about what I most want from life, how I’ll measure “success,” to whom I “owe” what, how I want to feel, etc. And those answers require us to be brave.

I found my biggest shot of courage when I let go of what I suspected other people would think of me… or what I liked, or said, or what I decided to do… when I decided it was okay to stop walking the path I was on JUST BECAUSE I’D BEEN ON IT FOR SO LONG… when I came to believe that changes were NOT admissions of failures… and instead listened to the call of where my heart wanted to lead. When I so desperately wanted my outsides to match my insides, I had no choice but to move in that direction. That was the clarity I needed to change. And I’m so very glad I did.

When you’re working through life’s questions, my best advice is this: be gentle, be honest, and most of all, be brave, my darling. Your truth will not hide from you forever.

I love you.


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I’m Becky Vollmer – writer, speaker, yoga teacher, seeker. I’m also living proof that, despite feeling otherwise, we are not stuck in circumstances and patterns that neither serve nor define us. We are lucky to have choices; we just have to be brave enough to make them.

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