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Turning Off Autopilot

August 19, 2016

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Sitting down at my bedroom desk to write this morning, I realized something didn’t feel right. Something was making me uncomfortable and twitchy. Something around me.


It was my bra.

braSo I unhooked that sucker and flung it across the room. It landed right here. And here is where it shall stay until such time I decide I would like to have its, ummm, support.

It’s not really about the bra, though. It’s about getting still enough and in tune enough with ourselves to: A) notice when we’re twitchy and uncomfortable, 2) be able to pinpoint the source of said discomfort, and C) making the choice to do something about it.

So often — no, TOO OFTEN — we just go about our business in varied states of mindlessness. Sticking to the routine. Autopilot. Because that’s just the way it is.


Ahhhh, no. Not right.

Maybe that’s the way it *has been,* but that doesn’t have to be the way it *is* today. Or tomorrow.

Each new moment is a chance for us to decide how we want things to be and how we want to *feel.*

But we have to be conscious for that, you know?

We’ve got to have a sense of ourselves — our likes and dislikes, priorities and limits — and also the courage to act on that knowledge. Otherwise we’re just sort of being led around by other people’s preferences and expectations, and riding on waves of momentum instead of choice.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be the one doing the choosing.

So here’s a bit of homework. It’ll take 30 seconds, I promise.

Take a look around. Or, better yet, look inside. What’s one thing about your environment — inner or outer — that could become a little more comfortable if you tweaked it.

(Maybe it’s your bra, maybe not, lol. And, in fairness, we’re not all always in a position where can toss that baby aside. OR CAN WE? 😉 )

But maybe your shirt is scratchy. Or your pants are too tight. Or that wedgie is just driving you nuts.

Maybe it’s letting go of the memory of a prickly old hurt that’s causing you pain.

Maybe it’s getting a handle on how you will and won’t be treated.

Maybe it’s making — and keeping — a new commitment to yourself.

Maybe it’s shifting the mood in the physical space — adding a soft lamp, or opening the window shade, or adding a candle or some music.

Maybe it’s taking something OUT of the space. Or someone.

You get the gist: Lots of factors, internal and external, that contribute to our happiness — and most of them we can influence. Perhaps not right away — may take some planning and time to execute — but the option for change is there, as long as we are brave enough to pursue it.

#createyourworld #alwayschoices #neverstuck #happyfriday

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  • Cathy A Bowen Connell

    Hello new found sweet friend?. Just wanted to say a loving thank you for sharing your journey….shedding LIGHT and TRUTH Into The Lives Of Others!!!

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